About us

Omodoo.com is one of the booking web sites with hundreds of thousands of hotels in more than 180 countries over 16000 destinations in the world. User-friendly and highly intuitive, it is a combination result of experienced complementary skills, travel professionals and specialists in new technologies. Designed with a very fast search engine for instant answers. The efficiency of our filtering system helps you find the hotel that suits you best for the destination of your choice. You Need a hotel, for a family trip or for a business trip? Omodoo.com brings you good hotel rooms with fare prices. You plan to book two or three rooms at a time! Our system creates practical combinations according to your needs in order to save you time and s to avoid you the complexity of doing it yourself when making your reservation.

With a highly accessible and responsive team, our strong culture of commitment and responsiveness are the values that guide our approach to work. Omodoo implements all its knowledge and experience to give you a reservation tool that meets your expectations.

Our goal is to make your bookings very pleasant and your travels very affordable! Take a look at our Daily Deals and enjoy our prices. Check availability and book at the best prices, compare and book the best hotels at competitive prices at Omodoo.com.

Why Omodoo

Because consumer Protection Is The Key In Travel!

The Protected Trust Services Account allows Omodoo ltd to be fully travel regulation compliant. When booking a holiday, single aspect with a PTS member you can be assured that your funds are protected. In the unlikely event that a member fails, for your peace of mind, all funds are held in an independent trust account. read more


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